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 How to Survive a Layoff

Have you ever been laied off? Do you have a plan to follow if your company decided to reduce the number of employees? Rob Ruston gives you 20 tips on how to survive a layoff. Read his article.

 Job Interview Tips

Looking for work is stressful. The most anxiety inducing part of all this, as all will agree is the job interview. You may well be anxious in advance of an interview, which may lead to you being nervous during the interview - and this of course can end up causing you to do poorly in the job interview. Read more about it.

 Oracle Jobs World Wide

Oracle Inc., the world's largest entrprise software company, and the second largest ever software company, is recruiting world wide. Jobs for IT Professionals goes deep into the jobs at the companie's reqruitment site, and focus on the latest IT jobs. Read More.

 Change Your Career

A career change is often a mixed bag of wrong doings and doubts for many people and this is a very common problem to say the least. James Copper from Property Career Skills write about things that one should and shouldn't do while attempting to change careers. Read his article.

 Choose Resume Style

There are many resume styles typically used by job seekers today and choosing the right one is essential if you want to stand a chance of making a favorable impression in the current highly competitive job market. Carlee Evie guides us to choose the perfect resume stile in his article

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